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About the College

        Famous vocalist and violinist Sangeetha Vidwan Late L.S.Narayanaswamy Bhagavathar established the Vijaya College of Music in the year 1953 with the help of his students and well-wishers in the Basavanagudi area of Bangalore. From then onwards, numerous students have obtained training in both the Lakshya and Lakshana aspects of music from this institution. Many students have taken up music itself as a profession.

        After Bhagavathar attained the Lotus Feet of the Lord, the college shifted from Basavanagudi to the Jayanagar area of Bangalore. From then onwards, the college has grown in leaps and bounds but has always retained Bhagavathar's ideals . Recognizing hidden talent in the youth and channelizing it in the right direction was one of Bhagavathar's many virtues. The college has successfully maintained this goal of Bhagavathar.

        Currently, the college is headed by Bhagavathar's nephew and renowned violinist Prof. H.V.Krishnamurthy. Under his able hands many musicians have flowered and have a cause of pride not only for Karnataka but also for the country.

        Along with Carnatic music theory, Carnatic vocal, violin, veena, flute and mridngam training are provided by the college. The college also has many other activities. All the students of the college are not only excellent musicians but are also shining in other professions such as engineering or medicine.